Thursday, January 22, 2009

wasn't i just here?

i am experiencing a bit of deja vu. i'm rushing to get some things done before i head out for a business trip tomorrow morning. alas, i'll be going to orlando which isn't exactly as glamorous as going to london. although, i really didn't get to see as much of london as i would have liked. oh well.

i have no idea if i am going to be able to blog very much during this trip...i suppose we shall see. before i signed off for the night though, i wanted to share with you a delightful trip i made to a couple of patisseries while i was in london.

one of them was maison blanc on holland park....

which had absolutely lovely cafe eclairs that rivaled the ones i had in paris. i bought a couple for "takeaway".

i can only imagine that their other sweets and savories are just as yummy.

another place on holland park that i actually stopped off for a quick break was patisserie valerie. i remember that day, it was a much needed a break that consisted of a few precious order to consume a cup of hot chocolate and an eclair. (see top image)

aren't their pastries just lovely?

everyone was also super nice to me...which i thought was quite lovely considering there was this group of rude americans sitting at a nearby table. it is amazing how you can spot all of the american stereotypes when traveling abroad and i can't help but wince when i see these stereotypes in action.

well, it is almost midnight.....i'd better head off to bed and try to get some sleep....goodness knows, i look like a zombie anyway these days....'til later dear hearts!



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