Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"you should marry paul"

these were BF's words of wisdom after seeing some of my pics from the pastisserie named paul.

love this place. i loved this place when i visited one in paris and i was absolutely thrilled to see a paul's near my hotel during my stay in london.

the most difficult thing about visiting paul's was deciding what to get...i mean, look at all of these choices.....



they all looked so yummy.

what did i decide upon? i actually decided upon the fraiser (see top pic)....as it reminded me of a princess cake and i was actually thinking at that moment how much the heart-sister would really like to be here....and the princess cake is her favorite cake.

the service was also quite nice as well. sigh. perhaps paul's will cross the "pond" at some point....that would be superb.

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