Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a break in the rain...

well. it is raining and raining some more.

i'm feeling a bit blah today which may or may not have to do anything with the weather. there are a few things that i'm just going to be processing for a while. interesting what happens when i attempt more work/life balance. it means more time to obsess/process over things i probably shouldn't be obsessing/processing about. oh well. today was one of those days where i felt like the weather was a bit of a mood mirror. i haven't even left my place today...which is just odd. there was even a break or two in the rain that i could have darted out and done a few errands. what did i do instead? i took the opportunity to take some pics of the crispy dino kale.

basically, a couple of days ago, i took some dino kale that i bought from riverdog farm on saturday, washed it, put it on a baking sheet, sprinkled some kosher salt and cayenne pepper, and then and baked it at 300 degrees until it was the consistency of a crunchy "chip". these are pretty good and the crunch factor is surprisingly satisfying. i didn't get the idea on my own, i stole the idea from the blogger at "by the season". i didn't use oil for mine because, well.... i was just being lazy. yet, if the idea of kale chips intrigues you...you should probably follow the recipe that by the season lays out.


Bruno said...

Holy shit. I love kale, it's very hard (actually I never did) to find in Spain. And kale chips... wouldn't have ocurred to me in a million years. MUST TRY.

foodie hunter said...

I love kale as well and it is so easy to make the kale chips. Thanks for the comment Bruno!