Tuesday, February 3, 2009

foodie hunter gets back to it....

it is amazing how much one can get done in a day. especially, when one is actually concentrating on life rather than work. i've taken the last couple of days off and it wasn't until today that i felt somewhat human again. i also took the opportunity to do things....like cleaning! it is amazing how easy it is to put off life when one is mired in the chaos of work. my new point and shoot camera arrived today.

i admit i was a bit anxious. i enjoy taking pics quite a bit, so it felt odd to not have my camera with me. my old camera was something i bought over four years ago...right before my 2004 trip to paris...but it really wasn't until the past year and a half that i started to use it. it had taken quite a bit of abuse and was literally held together with tape. i suppose, it was a good idea to buy a new point-and-shoot and i'm looking forward to establishing a relationship with my new little camera.

our relationship started with me taking some random shots of my lunch today. thank goodness i had planned ahead....and had some premade grocery store soup in the fridge which i doctored with large amounts of cayenne.

normally, i am not a fan of premade soup, but i had a feeling that when i returned from my various trips, that i would have little to no inclination toward cooking.....which was a correct assessment.

then later on today, i had some cottage cheese and chunks of pineapple for a snack....

i'm thinking the new camera and i are going to have a good time. well, i better get back to cleaning....tomorrow and going back to work will be here too soon.

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