Wednesday, February 11, 2009

leftover braised beet greens

leftovers are wonderful things....especially when you are able to make completely new things with a handful of leftovers. in this case, i had a small bowl of braised beets with salami left over from monday's lunch.

so yesterday, i decided to make a pasta dish with the leftovers. i also decided to make a quick roasted beet salad from the beets i roasted on monday. everything was quick, easy, filing, and very yummy.

first i started out with some dried vegetable quinoa pasta spirals

and then placed them in some salted boiling water. while the pasta was cooking, i prepared the roasted beets....i cut them up and then dressed them with rice wine vinegar, cayenne chili, and a hint of agave....
tossing everything until all of the flavors were incorporated.

see how easy that was? i set it aside to let the flavors develop a bit.

then once the pasta was done,

i added a nub of irish butter and some fresh parsley....

then once i incorporated the butter and parsley, i added the small bowl of reheated braised beet greens and salami.

yum yum. so easy and so good. how's that for leftovers? i think it worked out quite well.

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