Wednesday, February 11, 2009

piggy feast at nopa...

when the best friend sent an email asking "are you in?" for going to a special "pig night" at nopa, i about jumped out of my chair to say "yes!". although there are loved ones that are very vegetarian (as opposed to those "bacon and burger" vegetarians out know who you are...), i don't know if i could truly be vegetarian. while i don't actually cook a lot of meat at home ....just look at my blog over the past year.....pork would be my downfall in any attempt at vegetarianism. hmmmmm, salami, salumi, sausages....and well there is the ultimate porky goodiness that is next to godliness....and that is of course, BACON. life without bacon seems a very depressing life to the foodie hunter.


while i was excited about tasting the special piggy dishes on the menu that night, i was especially excited that the other folks attending the dinner would be adventurous eaters. as someone who used to be with someone that developed into a decidedly unadventurous eater toward the tail end of our relationship (i found out he only "pretended" to be adventurous during our initial "courtship" stage. figures.), i can attest to how being around unadventurous eaters is akin to a soul sucking experience....i would highly recommend that you learn from my mistakes and avoid having intimate relationships with these sort of people. maybe there is some kind of test that we could know, to weed out the soul suckers. wouldn't that be cool? anyway, i digress...back to the piggy feast at nopa.

me and the other decidedly adventurous eaters at the table were very excited about the potential to consume lots of piggy dishes.

the first piggy dish we had was appropriately named "piggy plate" which included this absolutely yummerific pig liver pate (i could have eaten lots and lots and lots more of this) and a nicely done terrine (i.e., headcheese). if you would like to see a picture of the piggy can visit this page. or, if you want a closer look at just the headcheese, please feel free to visit here.

it was way too dark for me to take decent pics. thankfully, linecook415 works at nopa, so i'll be pointing everyone to his pics on flickr....and no, i don't know him personally.

as for the main entrees....we had the porchetta....which was very good. again, for a picture...please feel free to visit here. there were moments of quite reflection as we all attacked the porchetta and the sausage. i was a particular fan of the sausage. yum yum.

then....we had some piggy for dessert. i know...pig for dessert? how is that possible? well, the pastry chef made it possible and it was one of my favorite tastes of the evening. the dessert consisted of a smoky whisky ice cream, with skillet cornbread, and a bacon brittle. this was absolutely lovely. i kept wishing that i could eat a substantially huge bowl of the ice cream and with copious amounts of the bacon brittle. the bacon brittle was terrific...the combination of sweet, salty, and crunchy....coupled with the cool smooth flavors of the whisky ice cream. oh so yum.

it is evenings like this that remind me of why i love living in the sf bay area...a lovely place where people passionate about food are willing to take risks with the preparation and the tasting. it doesn't matter how many countries or cities i visit, i am humbled by the opportunity to live here and be able to experience the flavors created by those who are driven by their passion for food.

this is my "country". absolutely amazing. so good to be home. sigh.

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Victoria said...

Yeah. That dessert was incredible.

Bacon. My friend.