Sunday, February 22, 2009

quick and efficient

i've had my head down trying to get a lot of things done this weekend both on a work level and a personal level. there is a work project i have due in early march as well as a series of presentations that i'm getting ready for...not to mention my trying to actually organize certain aspects of my place.

because of my focus on getting things done this weekend, i haven't done a lot of complicated cooking. for example, yesterday i made a large batch of rice, some simple braised dino kale, and cooked up some hot links. i was so focused on my projects that i didn't even want to stand next to the stove to fry them up.... so i just spit them, put them in a pie plate, and placed it in a hot oven. this was the first time i tried it....i thought, why not?

everything was done at the same time. talk about super efficient.

it was simple, tasting, comforting, and filling. the hot links would have definitely tasted better with some crispness on them from grilling or frying...yet they were still good. it was also a bit interesting to see how skinny they get when they are cooked this way....and how so much of the moisture and fat is leached out. i must say for, like, the 100th is sooooo nice to have a stocked fridge it allows me a lot more flexibility.

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