Wednesday, February 4, 2009

SPQR last night and still full this morning

well, it is back to work. i started today at 7am and realized that i should take a break. as i take a quick lunch break, i am realizing that i am still full from the dinner at SPQR last night. JS is in town on business and took me to dinner at this pretty popular spot on filmore.

alas, i didn't take pictures of the meal since, as you can see, the lighting was not conducive to pictures. yet, we ordered the salumi plate which included a yummy pork terrine. other highlights include the wild arugula salad and their extremely non-traditional version of chocolate panna cotta spiced with chile and a hearty inclusion of cherries. JS had the homemade pork sausage which was very good. (i snagged a bite). i must mention that the service was very lovely as well. our very knowledgable and attractive female servers were attentive and friendly. i have to give them special props because they even paid attention to me...which is no mean feat considering who i was having dinner with. throughout the years, i have become quite used to becoming "invisible" to female servers when i have dinner with JS. by the time they notice me, i'm usually just grinning at them...because i totally know what they are thinking and have seen this kind of behavior....over and over and over again. i usually feel like patting them on the arm when they look at me a bit apologetically (when they finally notice that i'm there) and i feel like telling them something like "it is ok. i totally get it. it happens all of the time."

alas, when the dinner was over i felt like i was waddling out the door. thank goodness we did another walk up and down filmore street to help digest dinner and peek into the windows of the chic-chic shoe, bag, and clothing stores. yet, evidently, the walk wasn't enough because i am still full. i haven't even finished the super yummy cherry cornbread scone from the cheeseboard that i grabbed this morning....

you know i am full when i don't gobble these up before my morning is done. i think these are one of my favorite items from the cheeseboard. i am a bit reluctant to really eat anything more because evidently, JS and i are going to dinner once more this evening. us over indulging on food seems to become a habit when he his in town....perhaps it is because there are many SF tastes he misses and wants to get all of the food in as much as he can. i almost feel like i am in paris again....not really eating all day in preparation for bombarding my body later with large amounts of yumminess....not exactly a bad thing...but not something i'm going to do every day either.

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