Thursday, February 19, 2009

toasted morning bun and lemon curd

unlike tuesday, i actually went outside yesterday and did a bit of much needed grocery shopping at my local market. it is amazing how much my mood actually perks up when i know that my fridge and kitchen is filled with many yummerific goodies including my "staples" like acme upstairs bread, semifreddi morning buns, cheese (i.e., st. andre brie, ricotta salata, parm, and a smelly soft goat cheese that i've never had before), pate, salsa, tortillas, white fillet anchovies, green onions, beets, arugula, dates, greens of all sorts, and citrus of all sorts. i feel like i am slowing becoming "me" again after that crazy travelness of january. i actually feel like i'm skipping to and around my kitchen to see what else i can make and munch on. i almost feeling like saying in a sing song voice "the foodie hunter is back!"

this feeling hit home as i sliced and toasted a semifreddi morning bun this after my slew of morning meetings...

the sweet and lovely smell just permeated through my place as it the flaky layers were becoming toasted.

once it was ready, i plated the semi-fragile slices

and carefully spread on some lemon curd. this was the same curd that i purchased at the pasta shop last week.

i gobbled this up quite quickly. yum yum. crunchy, sweet, and tart. just lovely.

now, i'm thinking ...."what i should have for lunch?"

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