Monday, February 2, 2009

well, hello there are you doing today?

this posting has nothing to do with food.

since i have returned home, i've pretty much been sleeping, getting up to drink some water, and sleeping some more. there hasn't been much consuming food on my part ....oh, and i left my camera on the plane. so no new pics for the last couple of days. i've ordered a new one and it should hopefully arrive in on tuesday. i think my body needs to seriously recover from the crazy-assed month i've been having. i can't remember the last time i have slept so much. thankfully, i've taken the next couple of days off as well. i definitely need it.

i've recovered enough from the trip to relay one of my more positive experiences that occurred during my whirlwind of presentations. when i was not having "meetings" in between the presentations, i would try to get into an almost meditative "zone" as a way to mentally prepare for the presentations. yet, there was this once instance, where i could feel someone watching me. this in itself, isn't unusual when you are a presenter....but this feeling was different. it is hard to explain. it is the feeling you get when you know someone is "checking you out"....even when you haven't seen them yet. by this point in the business trip, i was getting quite tired of this and was having fairly cranky reactions to people i was all ready to turn on my "fuck off" glare at whomever it was that was checking me out. so as i looked into the audience to see who it was, i almost fell out of my chair when i caught his eye. he was sitting in the second row. lets just call him "mr. super hawt" shall we?

i remember my first thought was "wow." ...."wow." ...."i am soooo ok with you checking me out. really. i am really quite fine with it. so what if we work together? everything is all good." is amazing how quickly a perspective can change. also, honestly, it wasn't a slimy checking was more of a i-am-kinda-curious-about-you-checking-out. i also remember thinking..."hmmm, maybe we don't actually have to work together...who IS this guy? talk about distracting......will i be able to concentrate? he's sitting in the second row for gawd's sake." then a few more minutes passed and it was show time....and i was all business. almost forgot he was even there. i was even super duper professional when he asked a couple of questions during the Q&A. when that session was over, i breathed a sigh of relief. i made it through. thank goodness.

then, later on during the trip, we met up in an elevator on the way to an event. he introduced himself and we had an extended conversation about work stuff. i have to admit that i was having a most difficult time concentrating. JEZUS. i kept telling myself "hey foodie hunter, you've got to pay attention to business here. ask him a question about something he just said!! be PROFESSIONAL!" i also pretended to check my blackberry while we were talking in an attempt not to look at him as often...because, my gawd, just gazing at him would have been way too easy. then he started to do the friendly non-slimy touching and talking thing. now, most of the time, when straight guys attempt to do this....they get the "icicle stare down" and they realize quite quickly that this is not ok. did i do an icicle stare down to mr. super hawt? nope, i did not....and you know, what? i bet you wouldn't have either.

later on, thanks to the wonders of facebook, i sent a pic of mr. super hawt to some of you dear hearts. the picture wasn't even a "good picture", but i loved some the i thought i'd share....the reactions included "holy shit! he looks like a movie star"...."who is that? he is hawt!"...."those eyes!"..."of course, he wasn't slimy, when you look like that, you don't need to be"... "how did you manage to present with him in the audience?" sigh. it is good to know that despite my social awkwardness...obviously, my hormones are fully functional.

now, you know that a straight guy that looks like that isn't running around unattached right? mr. super hawt also happens to have a super hawt girlfriend. they will probably get married and have supremely super hawt kids...which, in my opinion, is great for the beautification of the human gene pool. despite him being attached, i have to thank mr. super hawt though. i am beginning to think everything happens for a reason, and it was nice to be reminded that i'm not exactly dead.

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