Monday, March 2, 2009

brainstorming and second breakfasts

as JS was in town for the weekend and the company was renting this rather large almost cavernous (for san francisco anyway) place for the week....JS suggested that i take residence in one of the empty rooms available. it made sense, it would give us a chance to hang out as well as do some co-working (me on my upcoming presentation and him on his preparations for his various all day meetings that were going to occur in a couple of days). so i arrived on friday evening, we did a bit of work on our respective computers, and headed out for a night strolling and sipping around the fillmore district and noshing at ti couz in the mission. the next morning, we both woke up around the same time...about 7:30am ish. i was slowly checking through my email on my laptop in the kitchen

and making a mental checklist of what i wanted to complete on my presentation before we went out later in the evening.

i was also trying to ignore how extremely awake and raring to go JS is in the morning.
then i hear the mr.-almost-obscenely-awake for 7:30am on a saturday say "so what are your plans?" i look at him and mumble through my waking up fog "i have to work on my presentation today."

"your presentation?"

"yes. i have to work on my presentation today." i said a bit louder.

i thought this was a weird question coming from JS first thing in the morning since i knew that he had plans to work on some stuff that day as well.
"can you help me?" he asked, and looked at me in a way that JC looks when he just asked me for know, that almost wide-eyed look with a half smile ....a look that a kid gives when they think that you may say no but is trying to be all charming to convince you otherwise. keep in mind that JC is almost five years old and maybe a couple of feet tall...and well, JS is 6'2" and decidedly not 5 years old. so, i was decidedly more suspicious of JS than i would be of JC.

yet, just as quickly as the suspicious feeling arose... it dissipated. i realized through my foggy morning haze who it was doing the asking. JS, like many of my close loved ones, does not ask for help often...if at when they ask, it is a big deal. so i asked him what he needed help on and he said that wanted to do some brainstorming for one of the projects he was working on. i said ok and then he started enthusiastically launching into some of his initial thoughts.

"this is so unfair" i thought to myself, "he's like, an hour of wakefulness ahead of me". this totally reminded me of the days when we used to work together. he was always super duper productive first thing in the morning... how the fuck could i forget that? so i decided to break my no-coffee rule and quickly reached for the coffee pot to pour myself a bit of coffee
in order to jump start the brain so that i could meet him on the same mental plane for gad's sake. then for the next couple of hours, we hashed out some ideas and such....while nibbling on the first breakfast of toasted olive bread with copious amounts butter. then, many flip chart pages later, we were at a stopping point and JS indicated that he was going to suggest that we go out for breakfast, but that we already had toast.

my response? "well, why not go out for breakfast anyway?....we only had a bit of toast".
"second breakfast?" he asked.
"why not?" i said.

so we got ready and walked the few blocks to the fillmore district and ended up at la boulange.
i am very glad that we decided on the second breakfast. while the pastries looked lovely,

i ordered the french toast....

which was outstanding. there was a layer of custard on the bottom of the french toast and the entire dish was absolutely lovely. JS ordered the breakfast sandwich

which he consumed quite quickly. folks around us were also concentrating on their breakfasts as well.

while we were all noshing on our breakfast dishes, i was thinking a bit more about the brainstorming session between JS and i. when JS and i were editors at two different companies....we worked together...and heck, were even on the same team at one of the companies....but we had never actually worked on a project "together" before. the nature of an editor's job is pretty we were more colleagues than actually team mates. yet, that morning....we were pretty productive for such a short amount of time. for a while now, we have discussed the possibility of running a firm together someday...which makes sense to me since we are so similar...yet, it was interesting to see tangible evidence that "yes, we could really do this." not right now obviously, since we both have gigs that we are committed to, learning lots from, and enjoy....but it was nice to know that we could really do this someday.

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