Wednesday, April 1, 2009


things haven't exactly lightened up since the submission of the project for the german team. as a result, i'm still a-snacking throughout the day instead of making meals. during one of my breaks today, i indulged myself in one of my favorite sweetly luscious snacks....sweet tofu with agave.

it's pretty simple....well, pretty simple when you go to chinatown and buy a large tub of sweet tofu pudding and keep it in your fridge as a staple. one of the things i loved about hong kong was how you could get sweet tofu pudding in practically any corner convenience store....flavors like taro, almond, etc.....yet...somehow, i doubt that trend is going to make it over to the states. sigh. oh well. at least i found a place in oakland that allows me to indulge myself with sweet tofu...and agave is a wonderful sweetener with the tofu.

as i was noshing on my yummy sweet tofu today, i found myself thinking about my upcoming birthday party. you know, i have to admit, that i find my mind wandering toward bday party thoughts quite a bit recently.... to be more thoughts are primarily focused on the dress (see above pic).

i kinda wondering if i am going to have the cojones to wear it.

it looks relatively innocent and innocuous on the hanger. please note that i wrote "relatively". yes, the dress is red. yes, it is a halter dress. yes, it is a bandage dress which makes the most of one's t&a....which, lets be honest here.... i have a fair amount of. therefore, "innocent" and "innocuous" are not the words that come to mind when i put it on. there is absolutely no doubt to my gender when i wear it. none at all.

i bought the dress during the post-holiday sales specifically for my bday. i was determined to buy a red dress...and when i bought it...and the sales guy was pretty much like "i'm so glad that you decided on this dress". i remember thinking to myself at the time...."will i have enough cojones to wear it? well, i do have a few months to kinda work up to wearing it."
it is a dress where you have to "own it" and know that you are going to draw some attention. drawing attention is very out of character for the foodie hunter.

when i modeled it for the best friend, she was like "whoa" and she was also in agreement that it was the kind of dress where being uncertain would ruin "the effect". then in an appeal to my practical side, she said that my party is the best situation for me to wear something like this...because everyone attending knows/loves me (which is true). she also said that she'd kick me if i fiddled with the dress during the party.

the heart sister also tried to appeal to my practical side as well...."we are getting older and you should wear something like that when you still can."

they both make excellent points.

for someone who is so hard charging at work and many other aspects....put me in a situation like this and i feel like such a pansy-ass. what a personality paradox. i mean, it is just a dress right?


"yeah, maybe i can keep telling myself that." i muttered to myself as i polished off my snack.

i'll let you know what happens.


Victoria said...

I will pout through the whole party if you don't wear that dress.

foodie hunter said...

you know, that would be pretty funny.