Thursday, March 5, 2009

a crepe for calmness

cooking, for me, is many things.

it is a passion. it is a channel to show care. it is a basic need. it is an outlet. in particular, it is a cathartic outlet for certain emotions that arise during the day. for this afternoon, it was an outlet for my annoyance. there was a bit of conflict with a member of the us-based team this morning and i just needed to step away from the computer for a bit, so i decided to make myself an earlier than usual lunch today....hmmm...a brunch if you will.

i thought this would be an excellent opportunity to try out these pre-made crepes i bought from my local market.

they looked quite lovely and thought they would be a nice way to make some quick and yummy meals. so i grabbed the bag of crepes as well as some mushrooms, parsley, spinach, butter, and parmesan cheese from the fridge. i was envisioning a savory mushroom, spinach and cheese crepe sounded good. it would also be quick to make since the crepes were already premade.

it was super fast. i chopped up the mushrooms

then added them to a hot pan of butter and garlic....and sprinkled on some sea salt and black pepper. once that cooked for a bit...

then i added the spinach....and impulsively added a couple of teaspoons of sherry to de-glaze the pan and assist in the wilting/cooking of the spinach.

and then added some parsley....

and some of the shredded cheese.....and yes, i use chopsticks to cook. they are my primary cooking matter what kind of food i am cooking.

then the plating went very quickly....

i think it was all done within 15 min or less.....a perfect and much needed break!

i took it into my office with me so that i could do the-eat-and-work thing.

it was quite yummy and it gave me a chance to calmed down. it is good to be home and have access to my kitchen again. i have no idea how many times i am going to say this...i mean, i have been back home for a month now...and the pleasure of being back at home hasn't worn off yet.

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