Friday, March 20, 2009

going with the flow

taking a quick break for lunch and am feeling a bit worn down. not surprising....since it is friday afternoon. i'm also not exactly thrilled about the prospect of more travel coming up. looks like there is a very strong possibility i'll be in atlanta for a week and half....and then be heading out for the UK after that. just typing those words make me weary....for so many different reasons.

because i am feeling a bit worn down, i wanted lunch to be supremely simple today. as i toasted some slices acme upstairs bread in the oven, i went over to look at one of the pinkerton avocados that i bought at my local market. i love avocados...and living in CA gives me access to lots of them. yet, i have never tried a pinkerton before. see how the pinkerton shape is quite different than haas....

as i split the pinkerton avocado, i noticed that it was a bit more firm than i expected.

after i split it completely and started digging around...i realized it was still too hard. the tips of the avocado were ripe and quite tasty, but the majority of the other portions were still too hard. sigh. the best laid plans i suppose. but alas, things don't always go according to plans or hopeful expectations. thankfully, i had bought a couple of haas avocados, and one of them was just perfect.

so i didn't have to completely forgo my sandwich. as i was spreading the ripe haas avocado on to the toasted acme upstairs bread, i could not help but think...."wouldn't it be nice if things could shift or adapt so effortlessly in all parts of life? you know, like the pinkerton didn't work out but the haas worked out just fine as a substitute."

in reality, it probably wouldn't be nice....but this is just the mood i am in right now, and i completely realize this. after i finished spreading the avocado on the toast....

i turned my attention to adding a bit of pastrami.

ahhhh, very simple isn't it? doesn't it look pretty? if only everything else could be so easy.

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