Monday, March 23, 2009

honey vodka truffle: a fave from the chocolate salon

ok. so things are a bit nutty at the moment. i'm still trying to figure out if i will be on a plane for the ATL on sunday...but alas, i wanted to write a quick posting about one of my favorite tastes from the sf chocolate salon. the honey vodka truffle from xox truffles is heavenly good. it was one of the truffles i tried at the xox truffles booth....and while i very much enjoyed their new cayenne tequila truffle, it was the honey vodka that really stood out in my mind. the truffle ganache was an absolutely lovely combination of smooth sweet flavors that melted quite nicely on the tongue....and then you feel the ever so slight bite and warmth from the vodka. i remember taking a bite of the truffle at the booth and saying immediately to the super nice ladies at the table that "wow, this is really good."

i don't say that very often.

i even bought some.

i've been waiting all day to have one....

as my reward at the end of the day. quite the reward it is. i actually wish i had bought more of these and the cayenne tequila ones for loved ones. i think i may be stopping by one of the local markets to pick up some more. for locations, please feel free to visit here. unfortunately, their web site uses frames (yikes) alas, you'll have to do some click-throughs to get to the "contact us" or "other locations" pages. it looks like they are at whole foods in the bay area...and thankfully, for me, at berkeley bowl.

well, i've got to run....hopefully, i'll be able to blog about some of the other lovely tastes that i had from socola and poco dolce from the chocolate salon....yet, here is the link again to the pics i posted on flickr.

'til later dear hearts.



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