Sunday, March 15, 2009

mission accomplished...and then some

my objectives for this afternoon were:

1) hang out with BF and DB
2) take some shots of slanted door for my bday invite
3) find bday party shoes

now, as i write this posting, i realize how the day went even better than i could have hoped for. as usual, it was lovely to see BF and DB. they ended up treating me to a BLTA at delancey's crossroads cafe....

it was actually BF that introduced me to the cafe's BLTA....which is pretty yummy. i like this place because there is an outdoor seating area and the vibe is pretty mellow. it definitely isn't a "scene"...that is for certain. plus, it isn't really noisy which allows me to actually hear how BF and DB are doing. after we had a bite to eat and played a bit of catch up, they decided that they were going to walk me to the sf ferry building.

yet, we ended up taking a few detours which included some impromptu "open house" visits. now, when i lived with BF and DB for a couple of months last year, i really felt like i got a sneak peek into a lifestyle that is WAY BEYOND my tax bracket. so i had a feeling the impromptu open house visits would pretty much be along that vein.

yup, they totally were.

nothing like walking around million dollar lofts (and i'm not talking about big lofts....i'm talking about lofts made for 1 person) to make one realize what life could be know...if you made a lot of freakin' money. i think BF and DB like to visit open houses so that they can keep abreast of their 'hood's market value. yet, i'm glad i had the opportunity to see these homes. i would have never thought to go on my own and it is interesting to see how the spaces are configured.

i think i really like the loft concept. also, i find the modern design aesthetic very appealing. it definitely gave me some food for thought.

after we looked at a few places, we wandered up the embarcadero......

to the sf ferry building.....which was relatively quiet. i think many of the shops were winding down for the day. before, we went to slanted door so that i could take my pics, i stopped by miette! again! and bought myself a couple of chocolate orange macarons.

which were very yummy. not as good as pierre herme of course, but still very yummy....and all was well because crazy girl wasn't there. i can live in hope that she no longer works there. i guess three years is enough time. anyway, while i was munching on my macarons, i took some shots around slanted door....and i think i found the shot that i may be using for my bday invite:

the shot was a reflection on one of their doors. i am pretty excited about the party. i'm buying out their private room for the evening. i haven't done something like this in a really long time.....and i think it is definitely going to be a shindig to remember.

after i finished taking the shots, we all said our good byes downtown, and i headed over to union square to see if i would be super duper productive today....and actually find shoes for the party. i think my karma was pretty good today, because i found the perfect pair.....

i haven't worn heels in a while....but it's like riding a bike, you don't forget. i used to wear them all of the time. admittedly, i laughed to myself when i started to move with these shoes on. i had doesn't really walk in these kind of heels, one struts. i had also forgotten how good that can feel.

well, overall.....mission accomplished and then some. don't you think?

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