Wednesday, March 11, 2009

no more crazy girl?

well, the second presentation is done and there is just one more to go. the last one will occur tomorrow morning. i think i'll be heading off to bed as soon as i finish this posting. yet, before i go to bed, i wanted to share another macaron moment i had this past weekend. now that i'm back on macarons, i had decided to be a bit adventurous and obtain a macaron in the the sf ferry building last saturday.

the reason why i considered this visit to the sf ferry building as being a bit adventurous was because i had decided that i was going to visit miette. despite their super yummy wares, i avoided miette for years. the reason? because crazy girl worked there.

who is crazy girl? crazy girl is my nickname for a loved one's ex-girlfriend, who i sincerely believe is totally nutz and very manipulative. during the time the loved one and crazy girl were together, i saw the loved one's heart broken too many times. he was crazy over the crazy girl. it got to the point where i could set my watch by her "episodes". yet, when they were together, i never said anything negative about her...because, well, i want him to be happy...and if crazy girl made him happy, then i knew that i had to just "deal" with the crazy girl and then just try to be there for him....when she broke his heart. again.

it was very hard. i love who i love because i think they are amazing.... so when i see them being taken for granted and manipulated, i get quite pissed off.

i have to admit there were times i really wanted to hit her or be super duper mean.... like the time she baked me cupcakes for my birthday (there is a reason why she ended up at miette) and i wanted to give them back to her with the words: "actually, if you really want to get into my good graces, you should spend more time paying attention to your relationship". instead, i accepted them, ate one to make the loved one happy, and secretly put the rest of them in the trash can.

so you can see why i stopped going to miette once the crazy girl started working there.

yet, it has been a few years since they have broken up (thank the gods that they didn't get married) so this weekend i thought "well, now that i'm back on macarons, perhaps i should pay miette a visit. miette uses some of pierre herme recipes for their goods...and it has been a few years....sooooooo, maybe she doesn't work there anymore."

so last saturday, before seeing medicine for melancholy, i went to the sf ferry building....

with the intention of visiting miette. well, guess what? she wasn't there. instead, there were these nice normal people....

the gods were smiling on me that day. so i had a delightful time taking pictures of their wares....

and eventually decided upon the rose macaron.....

which was absolutely positively delicious. yum yum. the risk was totally worth it. i wish i could have one right now. sigh.


Victoria said...

Oh yay-- so no more sneaking around the Ferry Building?

Hee hee.

foodie hunter said...

No more sneaking around the ferry building for me. :) In fact, I'll probably be there on Sunday afternoon....and will likely grab another macaron. :)