Wednesday, March 11, 2009

one down. two more to go.

i am a wee bit tired. i was up practicing my presentation at 6am this morning (and didn't get to bed until after 1am...also practicing). i present another round of this presentation later this evening for the folks in asia and the final round for the UK/European folks tomorrow morning. the owner of the company will be attending that one. yeah, no pressure or anything. fun times. fun times.

for someone who dislikes being the center of attention, i certainly do a lot presentations.

it's all part of the job i suppose. some stuff i like. some stuff i don't. yet, i always strive to do a good matter if i like it or not. see, i don't have to be stubborn all of the time. just a good...hmmmmm.... i don't know, maybe 65-75% of the time? sigh. can you tell i am already tired? i wonder what i am going to sound like to the folks in asia. should be interesting.

because i had an early start today, i wanted to step out for some lunch a bit earlier than normal. i also wanted to have a chance to leave my place...something i didn't do yesterday. as i wandered toward downtown, i thought about my lunchtime food options. because it was much earlier than i usually eat lunch i decided to visit ramen house ryowa on university off of shattuck. i usually don't go here because by the time i am out and about, this place is super duper crowded. yet, i got in just at the right time and snagged a nice lit table by the window.

i think the reason why it gets so crowded is that most folks come for the lunch time specials which include a bowl of ramen noodle soup, gyoza, and rice. the server took my order of the ryowa ramen lunch special with fried rice and then i sipped on my coke and doodled around in my journal...just waiting for my lunch to arrive.

the service here is pretty quick...and this is pretty amazing considering there is typically one...maybe two servers (tops)...for the entire place. when my lunch special arrived.....

and i was reminded just how large portions in the US are......this is a lot of food. here is a close up shot of the rice....that is pickled ginger on top btw.....

and a close up shot of the gyoza.....

i also doctored my soup a bit with some chili powder (of course)....

and here is a another close up shot of the soup....yet, this time you can see the noodles. yum yum.

while i like the soup and gyoza here, one of the major reasons why i really like coming here is that they provide kimchee as an accompaniment with your meal........

it actually goes with the meal very nicely and the kimchee is pretty good here.

yes, i know that this place is a bit different...i mean fried rice with pickled ginger and kimchee with ramen? i've gotten a lot more mellow about this kind of stuff since i returned from hong kong. you can get some crazy asian food mixes in hong, i do this sort of stuff at home all of the time as why shouldn't it be ok in a random noodle spot? anyway, i felt a bit of my energy return after i was done slurping away at my soup as well as nibbling on my gyoza and kimchee. this is a good thing. i'm still tired..but less tired than i was when i walked into the noodle joint.

yet, the only disadvantage of liking the kimchee is that you MUST remember to bring your mints.

i can only imagine how stinky the breath is after eating this stuff. but i wouldn't go without it. i like it way too much.

as i type this, there is this very large portion of me that can't wait until this time tomorrow. sigh. one down....two more to go.

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