Saturday, March 14, 2009

a pig and a pool....

food memory is such a silly silly thing at times....

i was reading the best friend's blog the other day and she talked about how one of the things she enjoys to eat after a long race/run was the cancun's nopales en asada burrito....this got me thinking, hmmm. maybe i should try that. yet alas, when i stopped into cancun this afternoon to grab a bite, i found myself ordering practically the same thing that i always order....

the crispy taco with carnitas (yum yum. carnitas. i do love the piggy)

and a side of rice......

sometimes i'm adventurous with the salsa bar and sometimes, like this afternoon, i stick to my favorites....such as the cucumber salsa

and the inferno salsa....

so, while i'm doing my little photo shoot of the carnitas in cancun and begin to nibble on the salty porky goodness, i start to think about the super yummy pork i had at last year's fourth of july party. this was no ordinary party and no ordinary pork. i was in atlanta with DH, and JS convinced his chef friend to let us (DH and I) crash his 4th of july party. JS's friend was the chef of a pretty popular gastro-pub in atlanta and the chef had decided to roast the pig hawaiian style...(i.e., underground). the staff of the gastro-pub was there as well as the staff and the chef of a higher-end sister restaurant. i definitely understood what an opportunity this was....and all of the food was quite lovely. not a big surprise.

the surprise came much later. throughout the afternoon, i was warily watching the various restaurant team members decide that throwing each other into the house pool was a good idea. there was copious amounts of cursing and promises of revenge from many of them. i noticed that both chefs had strategically stayed away from the pool....yet, everyone else (including us not-restaurant people) gravitated toward it. it was a hot southern day that day.....and i suppose everyone needed to blow off some steam.

around this time, JS turns to me and says "so, what would it take to get you in the pool?"

my response? me and my supremely smug self said "i'll get in, if you get in." knowing full well that neither of us had bathing suits or a change of clothes.

in my defense, i should say that JS is typically an instigator...rather than the implementer. he's usually the one trying to convince someone that drinking a half gallon of milk in, lets say.....30 seconds, is totally do-able and you won't get sick. really. i've seen him convince people by saying his infamous, "you could do that", as a way to egg them on to their complete and utter destruction. ok, that was an exaggeration...not complete and utter destruction really, but i think you get the point. so, i thought i was pretty safe because i thought there was no way that JS was going to get into that pool in front of a bunch of people he didn't know and i doubted that he'd want to get wet.

yet, as DH pointed out later quite gleefully, "you forgot to factor in alcohol into the equation."

you're damn right i did.

many hours later, the restaurant people were gone, yet we were still there with the chef's girlfriend by the pool. i had lost count of the amount of alcohol consumed at this point. yet, even in my tipsy state i felt this sense of foreboding when i saw JS get up from one of the pool lounge chairs and starts stripping off some of his clothes. "what are YOU doing?" i screech. JS said he was getting ready to get into the pool. i think DH was going to hurt himself laughing at this point. nice to know that my scottish boss was having such a good time at his first july 4th party. about two seconds after JS got into the pool with his shorts on, i hear him say "this wasn't such a great idea."

hmmm. ya think?

"alright then foodie hunter, it is your turn." DH teased.

i was so angry. i whipped out my blackberry and my glasses for DH to hold and stomped over to the edge of the pool.

i turned to JS and venomously vowed "i will never forgive you for this." as i walked down the steps into the pool...with my sundress on and proceeded to swim around for a bit....thinking i'd calm down. when i got out of the water, JS had just finished putting his clothes back on. i was still a wee bit what did i do? i said "i can't believe you got into the pool" and punched JS in the stomach.

then stomped my way over to DH to get my glasses.

i don't think DH had stopped laughing for a moment during this entire time. yet, he did pause to ask "why did you get into the pool?"

i glared at my boss through my wet hair and said "because i said i would if he would, and i do what i say i am going to do", and then proceeded to try to wring out my dress...while i was still wearing it.

"most people wouldn't have done it....even if they said they would". DH persisted.

"well, if i say i am going to do something, then i will. i cannot believe he got into the stupid pool." i muttered. "i've known him for years....he usually doesn't like to be the one to get dirty....he likes instigating other people to get dirty."

you forgot to factor in alcohol into the equation." DH intoned with glee.

yeah, well, lesson learned on that one. also, for your information dear hearts, i did apologize for punching JS in the stomach the next day. at the time, he said that he didn't remember it...and i told him, "well, i did. i'm sorry." i suppose we both did a few things out of character during that crazy party with a pig and a pool.

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