Saturday, March 28, 2009

poco old fave at the sf chocolate salon

as i mentioned on my flickr page, i've lost count how many boxes of polce dolce chocolate tiles i have bought for myself and loved ones. thankfully, polce dolce can be found at many bay area locations.....for a list of stores...please feel free to visit here. so while i was at the sf chocolate salon last week, i definitely wanted to find their table. i remember last year, they had run out by the time i had gotten to them.

thankfully, i found their table

and was able to nibble quite happily. my absolute faves are the aztec chile and the burnt caramel tiles.

OMG. when i eat those tiles, i want to nibble really slowly to savor the tastes and extend the experience for as long as possible. many loved ones that i have also purchased these tiles for quite happily agree with me....although there is one loved one that likes to gobble through them because he can't wait. figures.

one of the poco dolce folks at the table was also providing a mint toffee flavor as a sample....i had never tasted that flavor before and i must say that it was very supremely yummy. i also saw that they have a new line of toffee squares....these are a bit smaller than their tiles and the lovely flavors include espresso...

hmmmm. yum yum. i can see that going over real well in the bay area (and foodie folks from all over). can't you?

i think being able to see what old favorites like poco dolce are up to as well discover newbie chocolatiers are what makes events like the sf chocolate salon so interesting. hopefully, i'll get a chance to attend it again next year.

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