Sunday, March 29, 2009

simple. spicy. satisfying.

i sent off the draft of the project of the german team to the boss a few hours was nice to just have some time to wind down from the past few days. it is one of the odd things about working for a corporate office at an international company, sometimes projects just "appear" and then i immediately immerse myself in a particular facet of another culture in span of a few days. when this happens....and i am working toward extremely condensed deadlines...i feel like i step away from my life. my attention is focused on absorbing large amounts of data while seeking to identify the patterns and connections. i do try to take a few breaks here and there, whether it be for posting to the blog or to make quick snacks. i notice that i do a lot more snacking rather than "meals" during these sort of projects. one of the snacks i made myself today was super simple, it was just a pinkerton avocado, hellfire salsa, and bread.

it started out with the pinkerton avocado which was perfectly ripe, smooth, and supremely luscious

then i wanted to add some hellfire salsa (a staple in my fridge) as i always love heat and spice...

and was quite generous with my spooning of the salsa on top of the pinkerton avocoado....

and then grabbed and sliced some acme pain au levain to toast in the oven....

then put the avocado and salsa on the toasted bread.

it was perfectly yummy. random...yes, but still very yummy. during these times, it is all about what is simple, spicy, and satisfying. this combination hit all three.

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