Tuesday, March 3, 2009

an unexpected lesson about instincts

note - the following is transcribed from my journal entry:

there was a break in the rain today. i decided that i was in the mood for some soup. as i was leaving my building, i'm not certain what it was that made me notice...but there was an elderly gentleman at the corner. as soon as i saw him begin to crumble, i just ran. i didn't think. i just ran. when i reached him he had just hit the ground and i knelt down next to him and

i said "sir, are you hurt?".

"just give me a moment. just give me a moment." he said looking a bit dazed. "i may need some help getting up". i just nodded and kept watching him...trying to see if he was bleeding anywhere and watching him breathe.

at this time, a guy approached with a phone in hand and asked "should i call an ambulance?" the elderly gentleman on the ground began to wail "no! i won't go. i won't go." then the guy knelt down as well, touched the gentleman's arm, and asked, "did you hit your head?" at this point....a tall man in his 50s joined and said "yes, he did." after a moment or two of further discussion about an ambulance, the two men helped the elderly gentleman up to see if he could stand and i gave the gentleman his hat. the elderly gentlemen said that he just needed to go home and lay down for a bit and the tall man offered to walk the elderly gentleman home. i stood there for a moment, moving my attention from the elderly gentleman to the tall man and decided that the tall man didn't seem like a predator. so i quietly left the scene and made my way to a thai noodle, a local noodle bar.

now that i have a bit more distance, waiting for my soup to arrive, i find myself processing a couple of things. the first being....i am not a fast runner....i mean, i was running as fast as i could, but i'm pretty short... so why was i first on the scene on this busy corner where there were quite a few cars and people around?....and why did the guy with the phone....only get out of his car, after i was already there on the ground....next to the elderly gentleman? he and the driver were in the car waiting for people to cross the street so they were literally, sitting there next to the gentleman.

i think i already know the answer to that one.

also, i must confess that i am also a bit surprised at my actions as well. i just remember seeing him begin to fall and moving toward him as quickly as possible. i never saw myself as someone that would react that way toward a stranger. no thinking. just action.

the best friend once mentioned a long time ago that she thought i was a misanthrope, and i don't exactly disagree with her.

note: this is the end of my journal entry as this is when the soup arrived.

there was a lot of further processing as i sat watching the steam rise from my roast duck noodle soup and while i added various chilies to the hot soup.

it is kind of odd to be confronted with my actions. in reading over my journal entry again, i suppose i had a lesson regarding instincts today....instinctively reacting when i saw the gentleman crumble to the ground and instinctively assessing that tall man to see if i thought he was going to take advantage. i think this is a lesson that i'll be thinking about for a while.


Su-Lin said...

Sometimes we're all so cynical that when we actually see the goodness in people, it takes us by surprise. That sounds preachy and goody-goody...but I think I know how you feel, I'm quite cynical myself.

Lovely blog btw...just discovered through your Flickr photos. I'll be back!

foodie hunter said...

it is good to know that other people understand what i was going through. :) thanks much for the comment and the compliment. you have some lovely pics on your blog as well....and i can see how living/eating in london on a budget would be a fun challenge to write about.

Victoria said...

Misanthropic tendencies do not live in conflict with an extremely high standard of integrity. Just to be clear.

foodie hunter said...

Clear. :)