Thursday, March 19, 2009

when it really isn't about the dishes

ok. i was a total shit this evening. it was an instance where my infamous stubbornness was out and full force. yet, not in a good way. i've calmed down a bit....and am eating some of ici's burnt caramel ice cream as a way to help assuage the not-so-little-rebel in me.

i think ice cream is one of my favorite desserts. i'm actually not a big fan of cakes.i like certain kinds of cupcakes, but overall, a big slice of cake usually isn't something i get very excited about. i definitely needed the ice cream today. i'm just lucky that earlier this afternoon, i made a quick run to the thursday's berkeley farmers market.

i had originally thought to just get a scoop of ice cream from the ici stall....

yet, it looks like they have changed their offering. they were selling their ice cream sandwiches and pints at the stall as opposed to scoops. so i bought a pint of the burnt caramel

and quickly returned home. i was expecting a package from UPS that i knew i needed to sign for. i was gambling that if my visit to the market was fast enough, i could return home before the UPS guy arrivedwhen i got home, i was thankful that he hadn't arrived yet and then i had a few tastes of the super yummerific ici ice cream.

i love ici's burnt caramel flavor. it reminds me of creme brulee. yet, as i type this posting (many hours after i bought the pint), i am having more than just a few tastes.

i'm having a whole lot of tastes.

as i mentioned earlier, i had a bit of a conflict with a loved one this evening. we are both stubborn people who definitely do not like being told what to do.....and now, i think the conversation is kinda funny. well, kinda sorta. there we were on the phone, both sticking to our various sides....and not only were we both not wanting to budge....but we were also pushing as well. the conversation ended because the ups guy arrived and i had to get off the phone and get the package. the loved one had to leave too.

it was a while later that i realized that the conflict was not really about what we were talking about. i had this epiphany moment and thought "OMG, i just had the equivalent of the dishes argument."

i think many of you, dear hearts, know EXACTLY what i am talking about. have you ever had an argument with a loved one, roommate, live-in lover, etc....about seemly innocuous stuff like the who does/doesn't do the dishes? then it hits you that the
argument really wasn't about the dishes....because how could you really get all stubborn and worked up about something so silly? the "dishes" are just a stand in for something else.

i wish i would have realized this sooner. you know, like, before the conflict and me acting like a total shit. that would be have been nice. sometimes i feel so emotionally awkward. this is definitely one of those times. i mean, i think i got a pretty good DNA deal on the analytical smarts front....but i've definitely got a bit short-changed on the emotional smarts front. but of course, i didn't realize this sooner and like the super duper stubborn foodie hunter that i am, i just HAD to dig my heels in and be a total shit.

humph, i think i'd better just eat more ice cream. ice cream doesn't have any emotional complications and that is just fine with me.

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