Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a crepevine moment

i am decidedly less cranky this evening.

i think it helped that i stopped working around 6:30ish this evening. there is still a crazy amount of stuff to do...but i could tell that i needed to stop for the evening. as i was walking back to my place from one of my local "work" cafes, i noticed that crepevine is moving into my 'hood.

oddly enough, i was just thinking about the crepevine in rockridge the other day when i finished reading tomine's shortcomings. there is a crepe place that shows up in that comic and i'm pretty certain that it is crepevine in rockridge. i've spent quite a bit of time in the building...when it was the edible complex and when it later became crepevine. it was one of the few places in my tax bracket when i lived in rockridge.....many many moons ago. as i was thinking about those days living in rockridge and that particular crepevine outpost, i also recalled a loved one's crepevine moment that i wanted to share with you.

when this loved one told me this story, i remember him prefacing the story with "i don't know if you have anything of a romantic in you or not...", and proceeded to tell me how one afternoon, he was sitting out on the patio at the rockridge crepevine.....eating his breakfast and he saw this woman. this woman had strawberry blonde hair......more strawberry than blonde....and it was in a swept up style. she wore a sleeveless button down shirt, broken-in jeans, and chuck taylors. he said that if he could have picked someone to be his wife in an instant, it would have been her. at the time, i remember thinking that this was quite an interesting story.

what was the foodie hunter's response to this retelling of a rather romantic moment?

the eminently practical foodie hunter's response was "rockridge is a small area. next time you see her, you should say hi.".....the unsaid subtext being "because, well...why wouldn't you?"

"maybe you have a bit of a romantic in you after all", he responded.

hmmmm. maybe not. or alas, maybe so. after all, it has been quite a few years.....and i still remember that crepevine moment.

yet, lets keep that all among us shall we?

i have my cynical hard-ass rep to maintain.

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