Thursday, April 30, 2009

cryptic buzzing

so. i think i'm buzzed.

actually, i'm pretty certain that i am.

i suppose i am breaking a cardinal rule: "don't drink and blog."

as i am still ill, i suppose i shouldn't have been drinking, but i definitely felt the need to blow off a bit of steam from the past week. the last presentation was done today and my voice was almost completely gone by the end of it. so what do i do? i head into the city to meet up at circolo

for a circolo lychee cocktail (see above) and some nibbles

and do pop-ins at a couple of other local drinking establishments. oddly enough, i've noticed a change in the amount of alcohol i am able to consume these days. interesting. very interesting. i suppose i am regaining my taste for it. this is a good thing. for a while there, i think i had lost my taste for it. i think that is what happens when you live with an alcoholic and you see what it does to someone. i am so glad that i don't live there anymore. life is so much better now.

also oddly enough, despite my indulging in adult beverage is still fairly easy to not talk to people about what's really on my mind these days. stuff that makes me confused. stuff that makes me sad. stuff that makes me mad at myself for being confused and sad...because i think that i don't have any right to be confused and sad.

emotions really suck.

yep, they really do.

anyway, it is much easier to talk about work isn't it? work is what work is. work is always a distraction. it keeps me busy. there is always something going on...some project to complete....some politics to side step....some trip to plan for, etc. etc. etc.

yet, the other stuff is still there. just kinda hanging out. i keep wondering when it will go away. what if it doesn't go away? now that would be quite unfortunate. quite.

yet we all have our secrets don't we? i suppose i am no different.

circolo: 500 florida street, san francisco, ca 94110, +1 415 553 8560

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Victoria said...

Well, now we've got conversation topics for Monday.