Thursday, April 23, 2009

a drink and nibble at cesar

JB dropped by so that we could grab a drink, a nibble, and play some catch up since we didn't get a chance to talk very much at the bday party. it was a toss up between corso and cesar. i asked JB to choose since i visit both pretty regularly. JB ended up choosing cesar.

i do love going to cesar. i've been noshin' here since it opened many years ago and i still enjoy it. i go primarily for the food and the cocktails. oddly enough, there aren't a lot of places to get a good cocktail in berkeley. you would think such a foodie mecca like the gourmet ghetto would have a multitude of places to get a good cocktail...but alas, not so much. yet the cocktails are always lovely at cesar. also, if you are feeling adventurous, you can always ask to see "the book" and have flights of some lovely spirits and liquors. i keep telling myself that i should do a flight of calvados some day.

throughout the years, i have found the bartenders are always great. i have never had a single less than positive experience...and the servers....well, really depends on who you get. it can be good....or it can be very bad. this evening the stars were aligned for JB and i ....and we had a good server.

we started out with our cocktails....JB ordered a sidecar and i ordered a french apple sour....

which was supremely yummy. JB also enjoyed the sidecar tremendously. as for our nibbles, JB went for the smoked salmon and trout...

and....big shock....i went for the anchovies.......

the anchovies and the potatoes are typically my two favorite tapas here. they are always quite yummy. sigh. it was a lovely evening.

i definitely think that drinks and nibbles at cesar is one of my favorite things about berkeley.

cesar: 1515 shattuck avenue, berkeley, ca 94709, +1 510 883 0222

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