Monday, April 20, 2009

hot, tired, and cranky

jezus. i am tired. just turned in a draft of a project....and i still have to finish my presentation that i'm giving next week. i think i just got even more tired just thinking about that. great. just great.

it is 11:30pm as i type these words and it is hot (for the bay area) and i'm cranky.

cranky cranky cranky.

super cranky.

when i returned to work from my bday extravaganza extended weekend, i was "gifted" with some additional and rather unpleasant responsibility. i'm not certain how i feel about this particular kind of responsibility....i may or may not blog in more specific detail about it later....but it is the major time suck kind of responsibility with no guarantees of a ROI.

if i love you, i could care less about ROI. but that is in my personal life.

in work life, i am all about the ROI.

i was thinking about this quite a bit when i made my early dinner today. it was too hot to turn on the stove, so i settled on a salad. i gathered my inital ingredients that included some micro arugula greens....

regular arugula and baby spinach....

then added some ricotta salata, avocado, and cucumber....

normally, i would have added a vinaigrette and called it a day. but then again, i've been in a "mood" all today things were a bit different. instead, i then thought...hmmmm.....maybe i'll add a few more marcona almonds, cayenne, and the citrus vinaigrette with plenty of zest....

and you know what? it still wasn't enough! i wanted to add something with another a grabbed a small handful of dried cranberries and tossed that on top....

there was a lot going on in the salad today....which i suppose, was actually reflective of what has been going on inside of me...lots of random stuff coming from everywhere.

as i was sitting in my office, noshin' on my ever so complicated and fussy salad...i realized that i don't know how it is all going to shake out.

i suppose i'll just have to wait and see.

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