Monday, April 27, 2009

kissing too many boys

i am miserable.

i have a sore throat, cough, fever, and a headache. i have the flu, i think. don't worry, i haven't been to mexico since november.

what a time to be sick. i have a series of presentations this week. the first one starts tomorrow at 7am. i am currently awaiting components of the presentation from a team member in the uk. it is interesting to know that i'll be presenting components that i didn't create and quite frankly, aren't at the same level of quality of stuff i create. oh well, sucks to be him...since his name are on those components for that very purpose. you do shitty work. you aren't taking me down with you. i know that DH is riding him hard to get him to even produce at the level he is now.... that is why DH gets paid more and has the big title.

being sick makes me even more blunt than usual, which is why i usually remain very quiet when i talk to work people when i am in this state. yet, it really couldn't be avoided this morning when DH and team called me for a pre-presentation discussion.

when i answered the phone, DH exclaimed "eh, you sound horrible". why beat around the bush?

"i'm sick." i croaked.

"you know, if i didn't know any better, i'd say that you've been kissing too many boys." DH said quite cheerfully on the conference call. i don't know what it is about scotsmen. they seem perpetually cheerful.

the statement took me a bit off guard as i proceeded to provide an audio symphony that consisted of a laughing hacking cough....which was followed by the projection of yellow green brownish gunk pods.

"i think that was a lung." DH said quite sagely.

"please don't make me laugh" i pleaded in a mumbled and raspy voice. "i'll go get medicine after the call...i don't want to sound like this tomorrow."

after an appropriate amount of wheezing through the conference call, i left my place to grab some soup at a local thai noodle joint....

and then on the way to the drug store, i saw these random rose petals at the base of a tree.... kinda pretty don't you think?

yes, i am spacey. it happens when i am sick. once i bought my medicine (thank goodness for fsa money) at the drug store, i returned home to down a cocktail of emergn-C

and various cold/flu pills. after i was done with this hot liquid, vitamins and drug routine, i decided that i wanted medicine for the i pulled out one of the fleur de sel cupcakes (from kara's cupcakes) that the heart sister bought for me. ahhh, see how much she loves me?

these are her favorite and despite not being a huge fan of cakes...i'd have to say these are a fave of mine as well. she bought me four. they are superb. the super duper yummy dark chocolate, the fleur de sel, and the caramel center!!! OMG. these things are going to be my salvation over the next few days. i've been munching on one while i've been typing this posting...and i must be an elixir or something.

i think i'm starting to feel better.

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