Sunday, April 5, 2009

leftover moments

i actually started this post a couple of days ago. yet, did not feel like i could finish it until today.

i wrote a couple of paragraphs, then deleted it....then wrote some more....then deleted that too. i think i am having difficulty expressing myself at the moment. i think it is because i am processing a few things that i'm having a hard time putting to words....even through the guise of semi-anonymity. i think not being able to put what is going on into words, really sucks.

i notice that there is a lot of "i think" this and "i think" that.....emotions unfortunately, aren't as easy to figure out as i would like. as a result. i know i am feeling some anxious energy that is even effecting my dreams. sometimes, it would be nice to take certain emotions, stick them in a box of adhesive acid, and then shelve the box in an unreachable location.

work has been a welcome distraction. big shock.

yet, i can still feel things processing and churning in the background...when i work, when i cook, and even when i nosh on leftovers. from a purely practical perspective, the leftover spinach and kale lasagna has worked out pretty well. one of the leftover meals i made included a hunk of the lasagna

and then i added a side dish of roasted asparagus and shiitake mushrooms with garlic.

the heartiness of this sort of meal is pretty comforting.

yet, at the moment, i am finding that food only assuages so much.

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