Tuesday, April 21, 2009

sometimes, you just have to laugh

i'm taking an early lunch today and noshin' on some leftover pizza. it isn't even technically afternoon yet, and i'm already shaking my head. i can tell, it is going to be one of those days where you just have to laugh....or else, you may cry in frustration. it is probably because i'm tired as well.

soooo....meetings have started around 7am since i've been back from my extended bday weekend and i thought this morning would be no different. yet, alas, when i logged on this morning, i saw that i was put into the "waiting game"....i.e., calls/meetings running over so you just wait until the folks are free. this is one of the inconvenient things about there being an eight hour time difference and thousands of miles between california and the uk.

i decide to be productive though and finally book online my flight to DC in june. this is a work trip. imagine my surprise when my corporate card is rejected and i get a message to call the airline. i just used this card a couple of weeks ago to book my flights to and around the uk. so i call the airline and they tell me the card is being rejected because of the billing address.

i find this utterly fascinating since the address is my company's regional US office and the way the US office has set everything up, all of the credit card statements/bills go directly to them.
i quadruple check the billing address with the airline and yup, the address is correct. so what is going on?

so i call the po-dunk bank that is the holder of the corporate credit card and after speaking with some people, i find out that the source of the problem is that the bank decided to change the zip code of my company's US address on their own....and that is why my online booking didn't go through.


i mean, you can't make this shit up.

someone at this bank had to manually change the zip code from the correct one to an incorrect one.

when the bank people started apologizing left and right when they realized what happened, i burst out laughing.

i mean, really.


at this point, i just had to laugh because this is just one more oddity associated with the US office and the business choices they make. this is the bank that the regional US office chooses to handle the corporate credit cards? a bank that will introduce typos into corporate account zip codes? the US office has pulled quite a few doozies since i've started with this company. although i work for the corporate office in the uk, .....unfortunately, all of my hr, finances, and IT are run through the regional US office based in the south. sometimes, i wonder if there is something in the water.

let me tell you, it is times like these that i wish that the corporate office would open up the london location so i can go park myself there for a couple of years or so...but then again, when i told the best friend about my pie-in-the-sky dream about living in london she said that i could live there for a year before she'd start sending pictures of my god daughter with these messages about how she's growing up without her god mother.


well, enough silliness....i've got a presentation to work on. thanks for indulging my mid-day weirdness. until later dear hearts....

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