Thursday, April 16, 2009

why the foodie hunter shouldn't drink


today is SN's bday and the festivities began at the tonga room. despite having been born in san francisco and grown up in the bay area, i have never been to this particular institution.

yet, when you go to a tikki bar, how can you not have a frou frou drink?

the thing is about frou frou drinks though..... is that i don't have them very often. you don't realize just how much you've drunk until it is a wee bit too late. the frou frou drinks hit all the quicker when you are already a bit punchy from working since 6am and sorta skipped lunch since you wanted to be there for the party. this is an example of me being overly ambitious and how this ambition bit me in the ass.

so there i was sipping on my frou frou drink, all relaxed, looking at my surroundings,

sitting at one of the tables... when SN mentions this guy she knows and how he is coming to the party. i remember him from before and i nod knowingly and say off handedly "is this the man whore?"

now in my defense, this is the nickname that this particular crowd has given him and i think he knows all about his nickname. it is my understanding that he's worked pretty hard to get it over the years. i also feel compelled to say that i do not believe that those who enjoy open sex with many people on an ongoing basis are "whores". i'm more of the, "if everyone is agreeable and knows what's going on that is their business." i was just trying to acknowledge that i knew who he was.....even though i don't hang out with this particular group of people.

little did i know a woman sitting near me had gotten involved with this guy....or thought she was involved...for like, a year-and-a-half and told me as such.

"oh shit." i thought to myself.

oh shit indeed.

i bet those of you who know me very well are kneeled over with laughter....much like SN was at that moment. i am typically well known for my discretion. yet, the foodie hunter senses were dulled due to the sweet syrupy alcoholic drinks that she sucked down like it was soda water. foolish foodie hunter. the woman then proceeded to go into a rant about having to view the guy's various companions. she said that she knew and that she didn't at the same time.

i took this as a cue to go grab some nibbles from the happy hour buffet.

when i returned, i apologized for speaking out of turn to the folks surrounding area and then proceeded to do a couple of other relatively harmless and silly things throughout the evening. now that i am home, i am just shaking my head, remembering the evening, and thinking that this is one of the reasons why the foodie hunter shouldn't drink....

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Victoria said...

Oh puleeeese. It's not like you were wearing a lampshade on your head and dancing on the bar or anything. I think you're ok with a drinky-poo and a candid statement or two.