Saturday, April 18, 2009

why this birthday was so important

there was a bit of confusion quite a few months ago when i announced to the dear hearts that i was going to have a blow out bday party at slanted door.

yet, for those that do not know me as well.... the reasons for the confusion include.....

  • i don't really like parties all that much. i'm more of a small groups or 1:1 kind of person
  • being the center of attention isn't exactly something i seek out [massive understatement]
  • i rarely celebrate my bday. i don't mind getting older. that isn't it. i rarely celebrate my bday because when i was a kid, bdays weren't exactly the most positive experiences....and hence i learned really quick to expect nothing from bdays.
despite these reasons, i wanted to have a party this year....and not a little party....but a freakin' big deal party in the private dining room of one of the city's top restaurants and according to saveur, one of the 12 restaurants that "matter". but i didn't pick slanted door because of reviews. i actually booked the room well in advance of the saveur article.....i mean, you have to. i booked the room months and months ago. i picked slanted door because i love the food and i have wanted to rent out the private room for years. yet there didn't seem to be an appropriate occassion.

it felt important to have a party this year. i felt the need to create my own milestone and to mark the occasion of having the most unexpectedly amazing year of my life. i also wanted to thank the dearest loved ones for allowing me the chance to be a part of their lives and for being there for me....when the world and life that i thought i was going have...changed in an instant.

for the foodie hunter who prides herself on being so independent, a year and a half ago...she found herself in a position of her worst nightmares.....she was hurt and vulnerable. yet, her loved ones rallied around her....and gave her the support and love she needed....without even asking....because asking for things is by far the most difficult thing for the foodie hunter to do.

an incredible amount of experiences have occurred over the past year. i have learned so much....about those that i love and about myself. each unexpected experience and moment over the past year have been these lovely gifts. i am so lucky. no matter what the future brings... i know that i will carry each of these moments with me forever.

so dear hearts, as i mentioned during my toast to friendship on the evening of the 12th....

thank you so much for coming from all over to the party.

i love you all.

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Victoria said...

And we love you.

And parties at the Slanted Door. Those are good too.