Wednesday, May 27, 2009

back on midnights

that didn't take very long did it?

looks like i'm back on midnight duty. just finished up a flurry of emails and feedback to ensure that everything would be in folks' email inboxes by 8am uk time. i should be getting to bed soon. yet i wanted to take a moment, wind down from the day, share with you some food pics of a relatively recent meal, and share why i have a very silly smile on my face.

this will truly be a random mish-mash of thoughts and experiences. i suppose this is what happens when the foodie hunter blogs after midnight.

lets begin with the silly smile shall we?

i think the gawds are taking some pity on me with some of the processing i've been doing and cut me a little slack. i definitely appreciate this. most definitely.

while i was finishing up some work things this evening, i received an email from someone a few thousand miles away that was pretty sweet. the note itself was sweet...but when you couple the note with the fact that it is from a guy who is pretty freakin hawt [and straight]....well, that is when the silly smile comes is enough to make me go "awww. that is nice."

i suppose the foodie hunter can be quite the girl at times. rarely. but, yes, it does happen.

btw. just to be clear, i'm not reading anything into it. it was just a nice note. it helps put me in a good mood as i wind down from the evening and share with you one of the meals i had over the memorial day weekend.

one of the places i dropped by for a quick lunch this past weekend was top dog.

i heart top dog. when i was a student many years ago, i would visit the northside and southside locations. these days, i visit the one on center street.

top dog is such a typically berkeley institution. rarely do you get to visit a hot dog/sausage place where there are calls for revolution and socio-political satire/reform on the walls. this is not the typical "hot dog" place. there are no mention of sports anywhere. although, i would definitely recommend avoiding it on cal game days as it gets pretty crowded with alumni. yet, there was no game this past weekend, so i was able to just have a mellow hang out as i waited for my hot link to be grilled.....i usually get the hot link.......

and proceed to load it up with mustard (usually the spicy russian mustard plus one other kind), kraut, onions, relish, and peppers....

yum yum. c'mon...don't these pics make you just a teeny bit hungry for a hot link? don't you just want to take a bite?

top dog, 2160 Center Street, Berkeley, CA 94704, +1 (510) 849-0176

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