Tuesday, May 5, 2009

dinner and a show at Corso

"i love watching people cook" i declared to the best friend as we were perched at the chef's counter at corso last night.

"hmm. do you really mean...." asked the best friend.

"i love watching men cook." i admitted in an almost whisper behind my hand because i knew that the said men could easily hear everything we had to say.

"i thought so." said the best friend with a knowing glance.

i love sitting at the chef's counter at corso. obviously, i am pretty passionate about food and dedicate an exorbitant amount of brain energy thinking about food. cooking is very sensual. i totally admit that it is a complete turn on when a guy cooks something for me. there are a couple of caveats though....1) they have to know what they are doing.....none of this whining "i'm helpless" routine while cooking...that is a complete turn off and 2) the food has to be good. it doesn't have to be top restaurant quality....it could be something as simple as lovely scrambled eggs with a biscuit in the morning. trust me, that has the same results. there is something about a guy that makes and serves me a lovely meal that gets my senses all revved up.

watching the guys on the line at corso was pure entertainment. the concise confident efficient movements, the working with the ingredients, and above all....watching the the balance. watching them keep the balance between cooking, the tickets, other guys on the line, and interacting with the expediter (which i have seen on the line before...now he is really fun to watch) and front of the house staff. i think the reason why i appreciate this so much is because i realize how difficult it is. it is a pleasure to see people that obviously know what they are doing.

yet, that was only one component....the food, as always, was completely yummy. i have been to corso many times since it opened in my 'hood and each meal has been lovely. last night was no exception. the best friend and i started with the wonderful sweetbread meatballs (polpetto di vitello)

we have actually had these before on an earlier visit and had to have them again.....can you see why? so tender...so tasty...
then we shared the pasta with marsala braised rabbit (cavatelli al coniglio)

the green garlic and ricotta ravioli (panzotti)

and a side of artichokes....which were incredibly tender....the best friend said that she could eat these everyday and i agree.

we left our savory plates empty....no morsel was left untasted.

were we finished? of course not! we ended the meal on a sweet note with the bundino

and, of course, the very yummy panna cotta (i have a soft spot for panna cotta)....

the entire experience was quite lovely. it isn't everyday that one can have a dinner and a show.

btw: i've posted quite a few more pics of the dinner on flickr. if you are interested, please feel free to go here.

corso trattoria: 1788 shattuck avenue berkeley, ca 94709, +1 510 704 8004


Victoria said...

Oh deliciousness. Thanks again-- it definitely helped my mood last night.

foodie hunter said...

I had a great time and I'm glad that it helped...