Tuesday, May 19, 2009

expected vs not expected

i am jet lagged and in desperate need of some sleep.

things are moving along on the work front. i'll let everyone know when things get more certain about what i am going to do. there are a lot of things i'm going to be figuring out about work this week. it was pretty much go-go-go right away this morning. i did pop out this morning to grab a brioche from the cheeseboard to gobble down while i was workin' away.

it was helpful to have the tender sweet bread to nosh on while getting settled back into things here. yet, despite all of the craziness going on about work...i must confess that work isn't what i'm caring about the most at this moment. things seem to really hit right before i bed down for the evening.

so what is on my mind? really? at the end of the day....i miss him.

i'm not surprised that i do. it is to be expected.

yet, i feel like a part of me is missing as well.

this was not expected.

i have no solution for this. i think i'm just going to have to wait it out.

hhmmm. i can feel my eyes straining to keep them open. i think it is sleep-time now. i'll blog more aobut london later.



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