Saturday, May 30, 2009

foodie hunter hearts intensity

i woke up supremely late in i just woke up a few minutes ago.

i have a feeling that today is going to be a lazy-in-bed with my comic books kind of day. i was pretty buzzed when i got home from cesar last night (or rather earlier this morning)....and did a bit of writing. i didn't post it last night...because i had a moment of clarity right before i fell asleep that told me that i should hold off hitting the "publish post" button until tomorrow.

you know, just in case.

one can never be quite sure what one will say when one is really buzzed.

yet, here i am, the next morning...and i think it is ok for everyone to see what i wrote. it is more silly than anything else. it goes along with me my goal of being "open" and allow folks to see me....warts and all i suppose.

so, here you go.....

location: gourmet ghetto
time: well after midnight

hmmm. the foodie hunter is feeling pretty buzzed at the moment. i actually had more than two or three sips of a cocktail this evening....i had, actually, more than half of my tequila love cocktail from cesar. for those of you who have hung out with me on a regular basis, i think you realize just how much to drink that is for me. it was supremely yummy.

yet, how did i reach this point of yummy buzz-y-ness?

first, it has been a tough week and i was looking forward to some gratuitous action. as a result, we went to go see terminator salvation. it was quite an appropriate movie to go see..... lots of things that go boom boom. nice. then there was also the christian bale factor. he is intense....and well, i'm a big fan of intense. huge!!! i heart intensity. i find intensity very stimulating. i think this may be a future requirement for any dating potentials.

omg. did i just write that? you know, the d-word. "dating". how weird is that?

anyway, then we stopped by beckett's near the shattuck cinemas and decided that it wasn't what we were looking for this evening. neither of us had been before....yet, after peeking into the window.... it didn't seem to fit our mood. so we ended up at cesar. not exactly a bad choice. i do enjoy it there. i don't mind being a regular. the drinks and nibbles were a bit impromptu so i didn't bring my camera. it was pretty dark when we got there the pics probably wouldn't have come out so great.

hmmmm. i'm starting to feel really sleepy. i think i'm moving to the next stage of my self induced buzzing...which is falling into a deep sleep.

you know, i think i'm just going to follow my instincts and intuition a bit more. just sayin.

night all.



p.s. i don't like jordon almonds btw. never did. on a plus side, i guess i won't be buying them anymore.

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Victoria said...

You're thilly. And hearted.