Friday, May 22, 2009

giving no quarter

it has been an interesting week. i sent off my proposal today so we'll see what the boss man has to say this weekend before i present to boss boss. then, we shall see what my role will be. fun times lay ahead. fun times.

i'm about to go blow off some steam by having some nibbles and cocktails at cesar and wanted to take a moment. it has been go-go-go since about 6am this morning. i have a feeling that with this new role, this may become standard operating procedure. yet, it doesn't matter how deep i am in the "go-go-go" zone.... there are moments that are the one i'm having right now....when it is just me and the type i see on the screen, and of dear reader...sitting there in your city somewhere in the world....reading my rambling and random thoughts.

it is the quiet moments when the emotions decide to sneak up on me. this has happened consistently over the past couple of weeks.

it didn't matter if i was having a cup of morning hot chocolate in a random airport lounge....

or traveling via train on my way to london.....

or sipping a cup of tea while taking a hot bath....emotions will not be bottled for long.

they sit there, watching, observing, and being quite patient....until you grasp at that moment to take a breathe and then you hear them utter in a raspy tone "you can run....but you can't hide from us" right before they no quarter.

no wonder people drink.

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