Monday, May 4, 2009

kirala sushi to go

slowly but surely i am beginning to feel more like myself. thank the gods. today was the first day in a while that i didn't begin with a cocktail of emergenC, daytime flu meds, and melancholy. it is nice to be able to breathe again without feeling like i'm going to cough up a lung. alas, berkeley is pretty dreary and wet much that it reminds me of being in the uk actually. despite the area being a bit dreary, i decided to wear a bit of color and cheer in celebration of feeling better....

while i went in search for my lunch today. i ended up at kirala in berkeley's epicurious garden.

kirala's is a great place to visit to grab some lovely japanese food to go. the folks here are really nice as well.

i bought a caterpillar roll, yet, they have many other dishes in addition to sushi.

once i returned home with my roll, i decided to have a bit of fun and plate the roll. i typically like to do this with sushi i get to go.

i think it makes the experience a bit more enjoyable.....

i mean, doesn't that look lovely?

i must admit that i like my food porn. i have a feeling most of you do too...

kirala: 1511 shattuck avenue, berkeley, ca, 94709, +1 510 649 1384

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