Thursday, May 14, 2009

unexpected opportunity

location: manchester, england
time: around midnight

the world is a funny place.

sometimes it is "ha-ha" kind of funny. sometimes it is the kind of funny where you just want just sit down on the ground and weep openly. in public. sometimes it is also the kind of funny where you think to yourself "is this really happening? really?" the gawds must have a funny sense of humor.

or maybe everything is funny when the foodie hunter is jet lagged and exhausted.

"did i scare you earlier? i think i did." DH said to me today. sometimes, we have what we think is a "pie-in-the-sky" kind of dream and then when presented with an actual possibility of it happening....instead of jumping for it immediately....the reaction is "oh shit."

has that happened to you? well, that happened to me today.

i mean, discussions are proceeding very rapidly regarding changes in my role and there were a few discussions that i wasn't really what happens if i live here for a while..... in england...and not like in 2010...but a couple of months.

i mean, before today, i thought about it in an abstract sense that would be know, "hmmm how cool would it be to live in another country" but not a serious discussion with the possibility of it really happening. as DH gave me a ride back to my hotel this evening, i told him that the opportunities weren't scary per se. they sound intriguing. yet, they are giving me a lot to think about and that i am feeling a bit numb at the moment. he said that he understood and said "it is a lot to take in"...

you betcha.

"i know you could do it"

you betcha, i can.

yet, "can" does not exactly equal "want".

i obviously have some things i need to figure out.

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