Monday, May 25, 2009

unscientific face off

before my last trip to the uk, i was talking to VLD and she mentioned how i should try to do a side-by-side comparison between uk packaged food and us packaged food. she and her hubby have done stuff like this for years when they travel outside the us. despite my packing extremely light during this last trip to the uk (i packed a carry-on duffel and my computer...that is it...even the one of the custom guys was supremely surprised), i couldn't resist buying some kit kats at sainsbury in tooting in london. i bought dark chocolate and orange-flavored kit kats.

they are very yummy and the biggest challenge was not eating them all before i had a chance to do a comparison to a us-made kit kat.

to be fair, i know that it isn't an exact comparison as i'm comparing three different flavors. yet oh well. this is why the heading of this posting is "unscientific face off." i must admit that i was surprised during the tasting.

one of the reasons why i chose the kit kats was that i stopped eating them years ago. i used to really like them and then i remember getting a couple of bars that had a grainy texture to the chocolate. i hadn't eaten one since. just wanted to let you know my bias going into this whole thing......

so i proceeded to unwrap the candy....what i noticed right away was i could instantly smell the orange in the orange kit kat...

and the aroma of the dark chocolate kit kat was substantially more present

than the us milk chocolate kit kat.

once i unwrapped the bars....

i took out a knife to cut the kit kats as i didn't want my fingers to melt any of the chocolate......

as i tasted the chocolate wafers side by side, i noticed some immediate differences. for lack of a better word, the uk kit kats were more "toothy" felt like there was more chocolate to provide resistance to biting into the stick. i also noticed that there was a marked quality difference in the chocolate itself. the uk chocolate tasted of a higher quality. the uk kit kats, i remember thinking...i can really taste the chocolate as it melts on the tongue. the us chocolate was hit with a sweeter note right away, with the chocolate almost being secondary (if this makes sense) with a much sweeter after taste. yes, i know this is a bit unfair as dark chocolate is typically not as sweet as milk chocolate....yet, it was also the case with the orange flavored milk chocolate. yet, the biggest surprise to me was how the us kit kat didn't have the grainy textured chocolate that i remembered. this was a very pleasant surprise.

overall, i would definitely recommend getting a hold of some uk kit kats and try this out for yourself. the next time i am in the city, i'm going to seriously consider stopping by fiona's sweetshoppe and grabbing some regular uk kit kats and trying this "unscientific" experiment again for a more apples to apples comparison.

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