Saturday, June 20, 2009

back home

super quick posting tonight as i am quite jet lagged and knackered. the bed is beckoning...enticing me to snuggle....and i doubt that i'll be able to resist for much longer.

i didn't get much sleep last night....the taxi picked me up at 5am in orlando and after a snafu at the airport, i made it on the plane. thank the gawds for airline status. i did not want to be spending another night in orlando. i ended up touching down at SFO about 9ish and have been running around and am soooo ready for bed. i'll blog more later....but the day became considerably better when i popped into udupi palace for a quick early dinner. it was a special....of uthapamm with onion and peas, a mini masala dosa, a mini dosa with spinach and potatoes, an idly, and a medu vada.

it was just what i needed after eating so much crap in orlando.

i love the bay area.

i really do. such a lucky foodie hunter.

night all,


btw: i'm not moving to england. more on that later too.

udupi palace, 1901 university Ave (and MLK), berkeley, CA 94704, +1 510 843 6600...bring your cash. not your credit cards..

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