Sunday, June 7, 2009

beautiful & bewildered

it has been a lovely foodie weekend. before i delve into international email politics, i wanted to share my brunch time experience today. it began with my rolling out of bed quite late and looking for something yummy, close to my place, and comforting. unsurprisingly enough, i ended up at guerilla cafe.

i love guerilla cafe. not only do i enjoy the food, i also enjoy the scenery. i'm fairly certain that i have blogged about this before....but for those of you who are new the blog, guerilla is also known among myself and my close friends as the "beautiful people cafe". i don't know what it is about the people that work there...but it is the land of the beautiful sexy people. in particular, the women range from lovely to ...ahh super stunning. the guys aren't exactly ugly either....but next to the women...the men that work there are definitely overshadowed.

sometimes, you just have to call it like it is.

i'm a big fan of their waffles, but today, i was in the mood for something a bit homey. so i ordered their savory polenta porridge....

which is supremely yummy with grilled mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, cheese, and chives...

it was just what i needed this morning. after i finished up my polenta, i took a quick jaunt over to the love at first bite, the cupcakery. another regular stop for the foodie hunter.

you can always tell who visits love at first bite on a regular basis and who doesn't. when i walked into the bakery, there was a young man who looked a bit bewildered and holding his bike helmet. it was kinda funny to watch. he then asked another customer who had just bitten into a lemon pistachio cupcake if that was the green tea cupcake.

fyi. dead giveaway to not being a regular.

after the lemon pistachio customer informed the bewildered young man about the flavor of the just bitten cupcake, they asked the bewildered young man quite kindly "first time here?"

"yeah. i live on the other side of berkeley. it is my friend's birthday and she loves cupcakes."

the young man ended up choosing the raspberry, green tea, and mud pie flavors. this is when the foodie hunter actually decided to pipe into the conversation with "i bet she'll really like it."

big shock isn't it? the foodie hunter initiating conversation with an unfamiliar young man. this just shows the power of the cupcake.

the young man then said "yeah, how could anyone not?"

"hmmm." the foodie hunter nodded..."i live around here and it is hard not to come in more often."

"i was just thinking that! if i lived here, i'd probably be here all of the time."

then he paid for his cupcakes and i stepped up to the cashier to order mine.

there have been many a time where i've ordered a dozen of various flavors. yet, this time, i just ordered some mini cupcakes (red velvet, strawberry, and lemon) to help sustain me throughout this evening. they are my reward for working this evening...i have a feeling it is going to be a long night.

guerilla cafe, 1620 shattuck ave., berkeley, ca, 97709, +1 510-845-CAFE (2233)

love at first bite bakery, 1510 walnut street, suite g, berkeley, ca 94709, Phone: + 1 510 848-5727

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