Thursday, June 18, 2009

being bad. very bad.

so i obviously know better.

however, despite knowing better, i've been bad....very very very bad.

what is it about business travel, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, that i end up eating so badly?

i don't know...maybe because i'd rather not be here? it is different when i am in a major urban city for business, then i get all excited and try to sneak away find good places to eat. but, it always happens when i'm in a place like orlando....or iowa....or itasca.....or some other place that most of you dear hearts have never been to or have never heard of.....i eat quite horribly.

maybe i'll be better tomorrow. i already feel the difference in my body from not having eaten too well the last couple of days.

what have i been eating? well, things like these mini-donuts that they sell at the convention center.....

the first couple are pretty tasty...especially when they are freshly fried.
yet, after the third or fourth mini....the body starts feeling kind of odd. i would not recommend eating them non-freshly fried. i think the body could have held up ok given all of the stomping around that i've been doing the last couple of days...but i've also been eating other stuff as well.

what else have i eaten?

ummmm. chili dogs and fries.

you know that these aren't organic, sustainable, no hormones, etc. etc....and were definitely not served with socio-political revolutionary statements on the walls.

it is my own fault though.

i know that i should be eating better and should be trying to find better options. the last couple of days i have been going for what is "easy" (i.e., what is closest to me in the convention center) rather than what is "good" in relatively good for me. maybe that will be a goal for myself try to find relatively good food for my last day here.

we'll see.

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