Wednesday, June 10, 2009

geek love: the boys of comic relief

i took a break for lunch today to drop by one of my favorite berkeley bookstores stores, comic relief, and grabbed some yummerific south indian food at udupi palace. yet, before i delve into various pics of my lovely lunch, i wanted to take a few moments to give some props out to comic relief.... specifically to the a few of the guys that work there.

before i begin though....i have a couple of caveats:

1) my hands-down favorite "staff" members are ash and ember.
2) i know that a couple of gals work at comic relief. they seem really nice. yet, i typically visit during the day and have rarely (i.e., twice in a whole lot of visits) interacted with them. females are represented at comic relief. they do, contrary to the yelp reviews, exist.

ok, now that we've gotten that out of the way....i visit comic relief on a weekly basis. it is one of my sanctuaries and it gives me a motivating reason for taking a break from work in order to browse, loose myself, and escape into other worlds for a little while. i love taking people who love comics into comic relief. they often have their doubts at first....especially when they hear me say that it is the best comic bookstore. ever.

dem some big words. big implied promises in those words. expectations are quite high.

then i just watch as we walk inside and when they look at me in disbelief....i just say "see! told ya." don't believe me? you can see pics here.

after my visit today, i thought that i should give props to my fave guys at the store. i'm pretty certain they have no idea that they are my faves or what i'm about to tell you. i'm pretty good at keeping things close.... and well, there is only one comic relief and i am not about to muddy the water by playing favorites in the store. so each staff member gets treated with the same distant politeness by the foodie hunter.

yet, since they have no idea that this blog exists or who i am, it seems safe to tell you who my three favorites are. they are in no particular they are equal faves in my eyes...for different reasons.

the teddy bear
so....TB is quite adorable. he reminds me of a teddy bear that you'd want to snuggle with. he's kinda shy, always nice, and sometimes looks in disbelief when the other guys are in their full-on geek out mode. i almost told him today that i thought his red wolverine (my fave x-men) t-shirt was cool, but i didn't want to put him into shock. for those who visit often...he's not the one with the glasses.

the lanky one
LO has a wiry build, glasses, short hair, with various amounts of facial hair. when you see LO, there is no mistaking that he is a geek. nope, none at all. he is super nice and when he gets his comic geek on he lights up so bright that i bet i could see him across the street. he has a great smile. he also doesn't mind when i ask him to reach for things well beyond the foodie hunter's reach and is never judgemental about what i buy.

the snarky one
SO sometimes looks at people like he wants to take them down. grrrr. with his short dark hair, full beard, various tats, seemly affinity for plaids, i could see how he would be a bit intimidating to certain people. he definitely has his opinions and is not afraid to state them. clearly. he's pretty funny when he gets his comic book geek on though. actually, he's pretty funny in general.

so there you have it. my three favorite guys at comic relief aka the best comic bookstore. ever.

now....lets move on to the absolutely yummy lunch i had today after my weekly visit to comic relief. i have become quite the fan and regular at udupi palace as well. i wanted to try something new today so i ordered the masala rava dosa....a rava dosa is a dosa made from semolina flour instead of rice and lentils. the always friendly lady server let me know that the rava dosa would take about 20 min...which i was fine with. hey, i'm working at least until midnight tonight, so i'm not going to begrudge myself a longer than usual lunch break. when it arrived, i couldn't help but think how beautiful it was....

look at that lovely lattice-like pattern...

it was extremely tasty. not a big surprise. everything i've eaten here has been very tasty (including a paneer dosa they had on special that i tried based on aiza's recommendation). i also noticed that unlike regular dosas, the rava dosas have full cumin seeds mixed into the batter.

the chutneys were great as usual (spicy on the left and coconut on the right)

and the spiced potatoes were a yummy complement to the rava dosa.

i was in the mood for something sweet when i was done though....

so i ordered the carrot halwa

which is very comforting with its buttery-carroty-goodiness...

sigh. it was a good break.

well, i've got to delve back into international email politics and research. yet, it was fun to take this break with you though. i also know that i will continue to be a regular at updupi palace and comic relief. because, sometimes, the foodie hunter really needs something not-work related to look forward to during the day.

udupi palace, 1901 university Ave (and MLK), berkeley, CA 94704, +1 510 843 6600...bring your cash. not your credit cards..

comic relief, 2026 shattuck ave., berkeley, ca 94704, +1 510 843 5002,

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You thilly. Next time we're going to Udupi Palace for lunch. Yum.