Wednesday, June 3, 2009

mischief with red velvet apricots

after i finished up my 7am meeting with the paris office, responded to some emails from the spain folks, and completed IM discussions with folks at the middle east meeting (can i just say pleased as punch that i don't have to be at THAT meeting...anyway)...i was sooooo ready to step away from my computer for a bit of a break and processing. processing about the job that is....these new responsibilities are interesting. i suppose the foodie hunter hasn't forgotten how to be political...although she has had a nice break from it for a few years now. it was nice while it lasted.

so the foodie hunter, c'est moi, stepped into the place that i typically step into when i need a break and to process a few things. i stepped into my kitchen and decided it was time to do some mischief with the recently acquired red velvet apricots.

as i was washing the remaining red velvet apricots, i noticed immediately that they were significantly softer. as i had blogged about previously, i had just purchased them yesterday.

"i bet they look different inside now"...i thought to myself...and you know what? they did....

if you saw the pics i posted from yesterday, you can see how different they look today. looks like they ripened quite a bit within the past 24 hours.

for the first experiment, i decided to try something i dreamed about last night. yup, the foodie hunter even dreams about food! i dreamed about making a spicy caramelizing flavor with the red velvet apricots....and was trying to figure out how i could do this quickly without a blowtorch. in my dream, i had one of those creme brulee blow torches. as a compromise, i heated up a glass pie plate in the oven while i was prepping the red velvet apricots and the brown sugar and cayenne mixture....

then proceeded to coat the cut halves with the brown sugar and cayenne....

then i thought to myself..."hmmm, next question....face up or face down? hmmmm...why not both? so both i did."

while that was in the hot 500 degree oven, i proceeded to make experiment number 2...which consisted of toasted acme upstairs bread with goat cheese

and fresh slices of the red velvet apricot.

this was very yummy btw. the different textures (i.e., crispy toast, smooth creamy goat cheese, and the tangy softness of the fruit) was also fun as well.

it didn't take very long for my semi-roasted/caramelized red velvet apricots to be ready.

hmmm. hello...can you say "food porn"?

i must say.....these were very pretty. the one on the left was the face up and the one on the right was face down. just in case you were curious. yet, i couldn't leave it alone and decided to add some fresh fromage blanc that i had in the fridge.

ideally, i would have preferred creme fraiche..yet, no creme fraiche in the foodie hunter fridge today. it looked really good...

wow, this was tart. quite.

the roasting definitely brought out the tart flavors. the red velvet apricot, brown sugar, and cayenne combo provided a tart, sweet, and spicy flavor that actually reminded me of spicy tamarind candy. the farmer's cheese helped mellow it out a bit....yet, i think a better creamy complement would have been mascarpone, creme fraiche, or ricotta.

yet, i must admit that my favorite way to eat the red velvet apricots are plain. just as they are. yet, it was fun to tinker and make a bit of mischief though.

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