Wednesday, June 24, 2009

not feeling the gratitude

hmmm. to blog or not to blog. that was a key question for me today.

the heart sister and i met for lunch today. we decided to try something a bit new (to us). we decided to try cafe gratitude which is supremely close to my place. despite being incredibly close to my place and my walking by it on almost a daily basis, i had never put one leather shod foot through the front door. both the heart sister and i were feeling slightly apprehensive about our choice, but what propelled us forward was the memory of CK making a key lime pie based on cafe gratitude recipe. we had also heard that the food was very good.

well, the food was great.

no doubt about it...

i was very happy to plow through my vegan raw food.

it was supremely tasty and filing...although, i must admit that CK's version of the key lime pie tasted significantly better....we think CK had more of the cashew cream layer and remember it being fluffier in texture.

despite the food being great, i kinda felt like i stepped into a cult compound or a vegan version of the stepford wives...or something similar. i wasn't really feeling the atmosphere. i don't think i'm crunchy hippie berkeley enough. also, it wasn't like our waitress wasn't friendly or anything like that...she was pretty friendly. yet, i couldn't bring myself to order the food by their titles which were phrases like "i am awakening" and "i am celebrating".

this is why i've been pondering whether or not to blog about the experience.

the food is excellent. i enjoy good vegan food and these folks definitely know how to prepare vegan food well. yet, the atmosphere of cafe gratitude does not appeal to me. it makes sense, i don't think it was meant to appeal to me and my particular mindset. so i will leave it up to you dear make your own decision on whether or not you'd like to go beyond this vicarious visit through this blog posting or see for yourself. just be prepared to check any snarkiness at the door. take it from me, it is pretty difficult.

cafe gratitude, 1730 shattuck street, berkeley, ca 94709, (415) 824-4652

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