Monday, June 15, 2009

oh so lucky

i am not afraid to be smug. even 24 hours later, i am still feeling really smug. why? because i had the opportunity to eat a dinner prepared by CK which was absolutely delicious and amazing....and you didn't.


well, most of you didn't.



i'm still feeling quite lucky about the whole thing. dinner at CK's place included super yummy chick pea fries with romanesco sauce....

very tasty grilled marinated asparagus...

grilled salmon on a bed of corn and mushrooms (see above pic) and dessert.... omg....dessert was a nut tart with roasted apricots

and olive oil ice cream. CK (unlike moi) makes everything from scratch...including the ice cream.

holy shit.

it was an AMAZING meal. btw, i should also give props to LM who was working the grill in their backyard.

i've written previously about CK a couple of times in this blog. as i have mentioned before, CK applies quite a bit of thought and creativity to her food. my opinion has not changed. the food that CK prepares is this lovely melding of the sensual, creative, and intellectual...which is absolutely not easy....and something that cannot be taught. i think she has some amazing instincts and i definitely appreciate the effort and thought that goes behind each CK dish that i have enthusiastically tasted. if she ever decides to pursue a professional outlet for her passion, i have no doubt that she will be very successful. you can get also get a sense of her passion for food from her blog...which is a relatively new endeavor. also, unlike my blog, she also provides useful things like recipes and practical advice.

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