Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a perfect moment at humphry slocombe

i had been wanting to try the ice cream at humphry slocombe for quite some time. this past weekend, i made a special trip into the city...just for that purpose.

when i arrived at humphry slocombe, i noticed right away how unassuming it looked from the outside.

i also had a feeling that i was in the right place because i saw a bunch of white people hanging around this area. white people are in the minority at 24th and harrison.

when i walked in the front door, i noticed that there is definitely a bit of tasteful whimsy to the design touches.... from small things like the business cards....

to the campbell soup art on the walls the cheeky write up of the current flavors...

to the chairs along the sit down counter-like table facing the outside....

it was a bit difficult to make a decision on what flavors to try. yet, i decided upon a scoop of the secret breakfast (i.e., bourbon and corn flakes) ice cream and a scoop of the blue bottle vietnamese coffee. (see top image)

the ice cream was simply amazing. delicious. superb.

i was slowly and methodically making my way through each spoonful....wanting to saveur the taste as much as possible.

as i was sitting there, i realized what a lovely moment it was. i was taking a break from work. it was a beautiful sunny day in the mission. i had finally visited this place after thinking about it for weeks. it met my expectations and then some....and i was just enjoying my ice cream. it felt quite good.

it was....a perfect moment.

humphry slocombe, 2790 harrison street (at 24th), san francisco, ca 94110, + 1 415 550 6971, hours: tuesday-sunday, 12pm to 9pm,
closed mondays, cash only

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