Monday, June 22, 2009

random pluminess

how's this for a random foodie hunter moment?

a neighbor of mine has a fairly large plum tree in their front yard. the branches are well beyond my reach...even the branches above the very public side walk.

often times, i just see smashed plums or the pits on the sidewalk and think quite longingly "ummm, that is too bad." i recall from my days as a neophyte foodie hunter just how great plums are right off the tree....still warm from the sun. yet today dear hearts, there was a perfectly formed plum just waiting on the side walk for me.

i scurried home with my find, thoroughly washed it,

then cut it up.

right away i noticed a marked difference from other plums i've when i pierced the fruit's skin....the aroma was absolutely lovely. ahhh, "this is summer." i thought to myself....breathing in and tasting the sweet tartness of the warm fruit.

what a lovely and a truly random treat.

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