Tuesday, June 2, 2009

red velvet apricots

i've been keeping busy.

busy busy busy.

this seems to be something i am good at.

yet, even the busy foodie hunter knows that she needs to take a break. for my break today i went to a local market and came across red velvet apricots for the first time.

first reaction when i saw them was "huh?" the immediate follow-up reaction was hmmmmm......"well, well, well....what do you taste like?" i was quite intrigued....my interest was quite piqued. so naturally, i bought a few of the not-so-cheap fruit.

when i got them home, i did a through inspection and a mini-photo shoot.

they are fuzzy and have the same sort of weight to them as regular apricots. i had no idea the insides were going to look like...and was actually a bit surprised when i split one open and saw how similar it looked to a regular apricot. i think my expectation was that it would be red inside as well.....go figure. yet, it looked a tad bit juicier than the average small orange apricot.

next up was the taste test. when i bit into it i thought...hmmm...it kinda tastes plummy. then i started nibbling on the skin...yup, plummy. "how funny is that?" i thought to myself.....a fuzzy plummy. these are not definitely not plucots though. the texture of plucots is more plum-like while this fruit's texture is more apricot-like. it is also not as tart as plucots. the red velvet apricot texture was not as wet, smooth, and juicy as a plum/plucot....the texture is a bit drier and looks a bit grainier....key words being "looks grainier"....as i don't find the texture grainy on the tongue. it was soft...almost succulent on the tongue. it was pretty good. i imagine that these would be absolutely tasty wonderful as a tart.....i bet it would be pretty beautiful as well...with those plum and light orange colors.

if you see these in your local markets....i would definitely recommend trying them.


Chelsea said...

It is probably an aprium, more apricot than plum.

foodie hunter said...

Ahhh. Is that what they are called? Good to know! I'm surprised that I haven't seen them before.

Victoria said...

Um, WTF?? Apricots and plums aren't supposed to be out until July.

foodie hunter said...

I was surprised when I started seeing CA apricots and plums show up at Berkeley Bowl last week. I haven't been to the farmers' markets in last couple of weeks...so don't know if they are starting to show there as well.

I remember thinking "it can't be summer already?". I usually associate apricots and plums with summer.

Chelsea said...

yep, they have been at the farmer's market at least 2 weeks now! i just bought peaches yesterday from frog hollow and made an aprium/almond galette on monday:) most apriums just look like different varieties of apricots, but i definitely haven't seen those red velvet ones. the name alone is irresistible.

foodie hunter said...

ooooohhh...an aprium/almond galette!!! that sounds divine.